Thursday, December 30, 2010

How to Map Walking/Running/Biking Routes

Terry posted a link to the Iowa Girl Eats blog on our Inside Workplace Wellness Facebook Page today. It's quiet in the office, so I took a few minutes to poke around and discovered the post 3 Free Web Tools You Should Be Using! Number one was to plot your run/walk/bike route using the Loops tool at I went in and plotted a walk around the block from our office.

It was easy to plot the route and it showed me the change in elevation and a summary of the route -- 1.33 miles. I have been wanting to plot several routes from our office for people to use when they walk and run. I've even thought about having them printed on little cards like I've seen at hotels. It looks like I have a tool to get this done now. I guess I'll add that to my list for 2011.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I use to map bike routes ( is a companion site. I enjoy searching for local routes that others have uploaded and routes for many local races are there.