About Me

Janet McNichol, SPHR, CAE, SHRM-SCP

I write so I can learn what I know. 
I am the chief human resources officer for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) in Rockville, MD. I work hard to make the ASHA National Office a desirable workplace. I'm proud of the recognition ASHA has received as a health and wellness trailblazer, an eco-leader, a champion for diversity, and a generally great place to work.  

I started Inside Workplace Wellness because the writing helped me sort through what I was learning from our workplace wellness efforts. (And, I was snowed in and bored during Snowmaggedon in 2010.) The following year, I incorporated to consult with a few select organizations and help them ease the path to a healthy lifestyle for their employees. As it worked out, I've consulted on broader HR issues that include performance management and compensation. I have a sound knowledge of benefits and experience aligning learning opportunities and staffing to support desired organizational outcomes. 

I enjoy facilitation and helping groups of people collaborate to meet their objectives with clear thinking, full participation, and buy-in from everyone involved. I create meeting formats with plenty of opportunities for participation, interaction, and consensus-building.  

I currently serve as president of the board of directors for the MidAtlantic Business Group on Health. I'm also on the National Purchaser Leadership Council for the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions. 

The views I express in this blog are my own personal opinions; I do not seek to represent my employer in any way. And, one more disclaimer, I have established affiliate programs with Amazon, Perform Better and Road ID. They're not profitable, but they are some of my favorite sources for products that support our wellness efforts.

Your comments on my posts are not only welcome but appreciated. You can also reach me by email at inworkwell@gmail.com. The lists below are not exhaustive, but samples of my work. You can find other examples on Linkedin

I do not accept unsolicited guest posts.