Friday, May 28, 2010

First Impressions -- Guest Post by Diana Levin

We got very lucky! Lifework Strategies has an intern, Diana Levin, working with them this summer and they offered to let her spend Tuesdays with us at ASHA. Diana is studying health promotion at American University and she started with us last Tuesday. I asked her share her first impressions with you.

From the moment I came into the building, the friendly and inviting culture was clear. Throughout my first day, a number of employees came through the HR office to either sign up for a class or find out how their team was doing. Besides the impressive facilities and overall robust wellness program, what really came through was the enthusiasm shared by employees. They seem empowered to take ownership over their health, as well as, encourage other employees to do the same. Their "Biggest Movers" program clearly has created competition that encourages employees to either remain active or become active. Each stage of change is addressed in this program, which is also clear from the percentage of participants (about half). I look forward to gaining more insight from a well-established wellness program. On another note, the innovative ideas that Janet has really brings excitement to the office and program. Her newest idea is to possibly start a hula hooping class. Throughout the day employees that dropped by were encouraged to try hula hooping and almost all of them did. Where else can you hula hoop in the office? I will be interested to see if this childhood pastime catches on as a form of exercise for the employees.

As for my first impressions, Diana is a quick study, a pleasure to be around, and a pretty good hula hooper. I'm going to be looking forward to Tuesdays all summer.

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Barton Wilson said...

Sounds like the company has a sound internal infrastructure. These are mainly what allows the various initiatives which you have described to thrive, and define the terms of the organization and its work. Ultimately, these health initiatives are a sign that a company is serious in pursuing excellence across the board, by fostering an environment in which every employee can thrive.

Barton Wilson @ Isa Registrar

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