Monday, March 17, 2014

Test Your Healthcare Savvy

Healthcare Savvy tiles on Airbo
At the beginning of the year, I shared a story about how I created a presentation to help my friends become more Healthcare Savvy. Vlad Gyster and Kate Bernier at Airbo saw it and offered to help me create this deck of tiles with the material to share it with others.

I’m finding myself on sort of a mission to help the ASHA staff, my friends and family, and others understand how their health insurance coverage works, chose a plan that’s the right fit for their needs and get the most out of their coverage when they need it. Take a few minutes to flip through the tiles to test your knowledge. I’ll be adding and editing as I gain insights into what’s most useful to people, so please revisit them if you find them helpful. And, please share your feedback with me. 

Learn more about how we're using Airbo as a communication tool at ASHA. (Airbo used to be called H.Engage.) The folks at Airbo are wonderful to work with and the product is fun and easy to use. They're launching new features based on feedback from their customers at an impressive speed. 


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