Thursday, February 13, 2014

More Exercise, More Money, More Sex?

We have a snow day here in the DC area and it gave me the opportunity to scroll through a bunch of posts I started and never finished. We're six weeks into the new year and I know people are wavering on those new year's resolutions to exercise regularly, so I think this is still worth sharing now. Especially since most of us on the east cost have an opportunity to get some exercise shoveling and Valentine's Day is tomorrow... 

A year ago, I wrote this post about a study published in the Journal of Labor Research that showed people who exercise regularly earn 6 to 10 percent more than their more sedentary counterparts. Last summer, I saw a WSJ story that people who have sex more than four times per week earn 5% more. It doesn't say whether the relationship is correlative or causal. Which raises a question, if you exercise regularly do you get paid more and have more sex? Something worth contemplating if the money wasn't enough incentive to get you to the gym.

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