Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three New Products to Revitalize Your Workouts

I learned about a few new products I'm excited about. First, Biju Thomas and Allen Lim have a new cookbook coming out on April 1. It looks like it will focus on my favorite part of The Feed Zone -- portable snacks to nourish athletic performance. 

I read that Fitbit will be introducing a new model, the Flex, this spring. It looks a lot like the Jawbone UP. I've blogged about the Fitbit before and I'm a fan. I also have a Jawbone UP, but honestly I could never get it to work for long and eventually gave up. Jawbone has great customer service, so I really should contact them. I bet they'd make it right. I'm already tempted to order the new Fitbit Flex though. It is listed for $100 on their site as a pre-order. 

Fitbit Flex 
And, there is one more thing I'm really tempted to try right now -- PV.Body. You subscribe for $50 a month -- $40 if you have a coupon code -- and they send you a new workout outfit each month. It looks like they send great stuff that is selected based on a profile you create on their site. Sounds like an easy and fun way to build your workout wardrobe to me. I contacted PV.Body and requested a coupon code to share with all of you. I'll post it here if that works out.  

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