Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day In the Life of #ASHAstaff -- An Instagram Photo Contest

On Friday, we announced our first Instagram photo contest. We're asking staff to submit pictures of other staff members working on behalf of our members and vote for their favorites. We're thinking about trying a contest with members one of these days and decided learning on the fly with 260 staff made a lot more sense than with 150,000 ASHA members. 

All the details are in this announcement that we posted to our Intranet. Follow #ashastaff using Instagram or Webstagram to vote. It's been great fun working with Gary, Bridget and Kellie on this (we miss you Maggie.) Now, I can't wait to see what people post.
ASHA Staff Instagram / Photo Contest
Theme: A Day In the Life of ASHA
Who can enter: ASHA staff members 
Contest dates: Jan. 18, 2013-Feb. 1, 2013
What we’re looking for: What you do is important and we know it. Now, make it look good, too! We’re looking for work-related photos taken of (and by) ASHA staff members doing what they do best – serving members and supporting the professions. Photos should reflect the work and mission of ASHA as well as display some creativity. Photos do not necessarily have to take place within ASHA’s headquarters building but must be related to work done on behalf of ASHA.
What to do:
1.      Using the Instagram app on your phone, take photos of your day as an ASHA employee. Think of photo shots that convey the real heart of what you do.
2.      If you’re not a member of the Instagram family, register first at www.instagram.com, then download the app onto your phone. It’s easy!
3.     Upload as many photos as you wish to Instagram and include the hashtag #ashastaff in the caption. 
4.      Before close of business on February 1, view and vote on everyone’s photos on Webstagram (www.web.stagram). Vote as many times as you like. How do you find the staff photos? Once you’re on Webstagram, you can find everyone’s Day in the Life of ASHA photos by searching with the hashtag #ashastaff. If a photo strikes you as pretty darn good, then vote for it by “liking” it. The 20 photos with the most likes will win.
If you are not familiar with Instagram, here is a tutorial (http://social.ngnow.org/profiles/blogs/instagram-tutorial). 
Now, if you’re not a fan of Instagram or just don’t want to bother with it, no worries: email no more than two photos to Kellie Racette (krowden-racette@asha.org) and we’ll load them up for you!
What’s in it for you: Glory and reverence throughout the building (and some delightful, fun prizes).
What will become of these photos: The winning photos will become part of a mini-book that will be used by HR to promote the association.
Questions? Just ask Janet McNichol or Gary Dunham.
So start clicking, sharing, and liking! Feb. 1 is right around the corner!

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