Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Rules -- The first book for our wellness book club.

Last fall, I blogged about starting a wellness book club at work and I've finally selected our first book -- Food Rules by Michael Pollan. I read three books before I found one that met the criteria I established.
  1. Appeal to a broad number of people
  2. Thought provoking
  3. Easy read
  4. Available on Kindle
  5. Build on what people learned during our current weight loss program
  6. Provide information that we can apply at home with our families
  7. Receive at least 4 stars on Amazon
I'm hoping this will be the first of many books we will read and discuss. We have done a lot to support good nutrition and exercise as part of our wellness program, but we haven't incorporated mental health and spirituality to the extent we desire. I think a book club might be a way for us to accomplish this. If there is enough interest, I'll ask our wellness team to develop criteria for our next selection and choose the next book. Please leave any suggestions you have as a comment to this post. I received lots of great recommendations this go around. 

We'll meet on April 28th at 1:00 to discuss the book. I purchased ten copies of for our HR library, so staff can check them out if they wish. Food Rules can easily be read in one hour. Diana Levin, our intern from last summer, will facilitate our discussion. 


health care said...

This book promotes not only physical, but also mental wellness as it provokes people into certain lifestyle changes.

summit cardiology said...

And also, wellness is key in preventing heart diseases.

buy alli said...

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." That summarizes the book. I completely agree what Michael says in his book about the kind of food we eat and how we treat our food.

xlpharmacy said...

Guys, would you recommend the book to someone who wants to gain weight like me? I've been strictly following my diet and exercise plans, including protein and other supplements, but still having difficulty gaining weight. Will this book help me with my food intake? Thanks.

chiropractor Brunswick back pain said...

Including Kindle among your considerations is a smart move. More and more people are now using Kindle as their readers, so every book publisher should really plan with the platform in mind.

health insurance australia said...

Certain lifestyle changes are needed to retain optimum health. Also, having regular check-ups and health insurance as a safety net could make you healthy.

generic cialis said...

I think this is amazing and I hope you become successful in spreading this book.

gale said...

Did you include herbal remedies in your book?

Bethany said...

Books such as these can complement various weight loss programs. I think I might have to get one for myself.

hormone therapy said...

Starting a wellness book club in your office is a good idea to educate each member to the benefits of living a healthy life. It is also easier to reach your goals if you are helping each other.

dentist beverly hills said...

These health clubs are good because there will be people who will be willing to help you achieve your goals with regards to living a healthy life.

optometrists said...

I am so glad that I found this blog I cant wait to buy that book!

biologic said...

I agree. this can be healthy not just for the body but for the mind as well.


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