Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Biggest Loser -- Weekly Weigh-Ins

We are requiring all the participants to weigh-in weekly and report their weight confidentially via our intranet. Although public humiliation can be motivational, we decided to deviate from the show in this respect.
We have good doctor’s office type scales in both our men’s and women’s locker rooms, but we used a basic digital scale at the initial screenings since it was easy to move. Afterward, we put it in the HR area for people to use for their weekly weigh-ins. We told everyone that they could weigh themselves on any scale they chose, but the bulk of folks have been using the scale in HR. By Week 2, it started to bow and crack. We quickly replaced it with another scale and we’re hoping this one holds out. We should have purchased a heavy duty scale with a high maximum weight to use for the program. Oops! Chalk that up as our second lesson learned.
LifeWork strategies is keeping the “official” numbers for our participants. Small prizes will be awarded to the individual man and woman with the highest percentage of weight loss and to the team with the highest percentage weight loss based on their records. However, everyone is self reporting their weight weekly and we are declaring a weekly team winner.
Participants agreed to report their weights by noon each Thursday and every Friday we find ourselves having to track down a handful of folks that didn’t report. The team leaders have been great about following up with folks and it’s really only a couple of people that aren’t doing what we expect, but it’s driving me crazy. Do you have any suggestions for how we can get everyone to report their weight on time?

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