Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowmageddon Derails Weight Loss Efforts

Snowmageddon derailed our weight loss efforts. Our 96 Biggest Losers only lost a combined total of 7 pounds during Week 4 when they were snowed in at home. They started off with a 146 pound weight loss during Week 1 and that dropped to 133 pounds Week 2, and 92 pounds in Week 3. I am expecting to see a weight loss of about 100 pounds a week, so this is disappointing.

The snow also forced us to reschedule our first Team Challenge twice. It's now set for tomorrow at noon. Hopefully that will help to re-energize everyone.

We also arranged to have Amy Barnes come speak to our staff on March 10th. Amy lost 340 pounds. She is now a motivational speaker and health and wellness consultant. She was featured on the cover of October’s Oxygen Magazine, NBC Today Show, Fox News, Fox and Friends, EXTRA!, and she was just in New York filming Dr. Oz. I'm confident that she'll inspire everyone. I just wish she was coming sooner.

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