Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Fitness Class Schedule

It's been awhile since I shared much about the exercise classes we offer on site. We do what we can to (1) encourage people to make a long term commitment to exercising, (2) make our classes affordable, and (3) maximize enrollment i.e., the number of people participating. We opened our classes up to spouses last session and we have two spouses participating. Last year, we changed our pricing structure and introduced an "all access pass" to give participants the flexibility to take any classes they're interested in for only $50 a month. Both changes have been well received, but it hasn't increased our enrollment the way we had hoped. 

We set aside a budget each year for our wellness program and we allocate a little over 60 percent of it to our onsite fitness classes. Given our current budget and level of enrollment, we can support 14 classes per week. We started off the year with 16 classes. We lost three instructors this year -- boxing, TRX and restorative yoga. We also combined two classes on Monday evenings, so we currently have 12 classes. We've been looking to add a class on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. 

The challenge is to find instructors we like that are available to teach something we're looking for during one of our available time slots. We are excited to have a Dance Ballet Bar barre demo set up for next week that 20 people have signed up to try. Eileen Crowe introduced us to the instructor, Souzan Mills, and we're grateful. Souzan has a studio in the Kentlands called Booseh. We have been searching for someone to teach a class like this for about three years. The demo seems to be attracting some staff members that don't normally participate in our exercise classes, so we're optimistic that this will be a nice new addition to the array of classes we offer. 


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