Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Reading List: Broadening Our Thinking about Healthcare

I recently shared the process I laid out for our executive team to consider options for providing health coverage for our staff in 2014. I've been pulling resources (articles, posts, movies) that will help broaden our thinking so we won't miss options because we are framing the situation to narrowly. This is what I have on the list so far. What would you recommend that I've missed?

  1. Reshaping Health Care -- 18th Annual Towers Watson/National Business Group on Health Employer Survey on Purchasing Value in Health Care, March 2013 
  2. HSA / FSA / HRA Comparison of Key Features for 2012 and 2013 from HR 360 
  3. The Case for CDHPs: Why Your Business and Your Employees Should Consider Abandoning the Traditional PPO from Change Healthcare 12/1/12 
  4. "I Don't Smoke, Doc," and Other Patient Lies -- If patients lie to their doctors, how honest do you think employees are when they complete health risk assessments? from the Wall Street Journal 2/18/13
  5. More money, more problems: Employees feel little to no responsibility to curb health care spending, even as costs rise from Jen Benz at Benz Communications 5/8/13 
  6. Asheville uses value-based insurance design to reduce escalating health care costs from Business Insurance 5/5/13 
  7. Part-timers to lose pay amid health act's new math from the Los Angeles Times 5/2/13 
  8. One hospital charges $8,000 — another, $38,000 from the Washington Post 5/8/13 
  9. Choosing Between a High Deductible Health Plan and a Traditional PPO: Illustrates the struggle people face when confronted with this choice 5/31/13 
  10. One Strategy for Health-Law Costs: Self Insure from the Wall Street Journal 5/27/13 
  11. High-End Health Plans Scale Back to Avoid ‘Cadillac Tax’ from the New York Times 5/27/13 
  12. Six mistakes you’re making with your CDHP rollout from Jen Benz at Benz Communication 5/22/13 
  13. Future health care to cost 2013 retirees $220,000: Fidelity estimate from Business Insurance 5/16/13 
  14. Health Care Reform Leads Employers to Consider Self-Funded Medical Plans from HR Insights for Health Care 5/7/13 
  15. Bitter Pill: How outrageous pricing and egregious profits are destroying our health care -- This was a special report from Time Magazine published March 4, 2013. I presented it as optional because it is very long. 
  16. Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare -- A well-done documentary about how our health care system is designed to profit from disease, not health.
  17. Doctor's Perform Thousands of Unnecessary Surgeries  -- USA Today 6/20/13
  18. how did things go so wrong with penn state's wellness initiative? -- Context Communication 8/22/13
  19. How to Get the Most Out of Your Health Savings Account -- Forbes 8/27/13
  20. IBM, Moving Retirees To Exchange, Says Contribution Will Be ‘Consistent’ -- bswift 9/10/13 (IBM sending retirees to exchanges.)
  21. Walgreens moves workers to private health-care exchange -- Washington Post 9/18/13 (Walgreens sending everyone to exchanges.)
  22. Employers Trim Health Costs By Cutting Coverage For Spouses -- NPR 9/19/13 (UPS told workers that it would no longer offer health coverage for spouses who had their own job-based insurance.)
  23. Home Depot to tap health insurance exchanges for part-timers -- Business Insurance 9/20/13 (Home Depot sending part-time employees to exchanges.)
  24. How to Turn Employees Into Value Shoppers for Health Care -- Harvard Business Review (Reference pricing)
  25. JAMA Reports on Top 4 Drivers of Healthcare Cost Inflation in US -- Compass Healthcare
  26. Health care costs for a family of 4 in 2013: a college education, a diamond or a 4-door sedan -- Health Populi
  27. Steering Employees Toward Safer Care -- Employer Strategies for Safer, Higher-Quality Hospital Care for Employees and Their Families ~
    Altarum Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care 


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