Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mediterranean Potluck

30 Day Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge

Last Thursday, Diane Paul organized a Mediterranean potluck lunch for those of us who participated in the challenge. We enjoyed chicken, hummus, whole wheat pita, a kale salad, a yummy soup, a spinach salad, an Israeli salad, a black bean salad, a warm spinach and chick pea dish, fresh fruit and I'm sure a few more things I'm overlooking. (I knew I should have written this right after lunch.) 

We chatted a bit about the challenges we faced with our new way of eating -- getting off track with holidays and special occasions, sugar cravings, and a lot of chopping which has put our knife skills to the test. And, the results we'd seen -- some substantial drops in cholesterol and a few pounds lost. We also discussed ways to continue to build on what we've done. Stay tuned on that front. Many thanks to Diane for getting us together.

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