Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Thursday Veggie Box Delivery -- Guest Post by Terry Harris

30 Day Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge

Terry is ASHA's Learning Facilitator. We work together in HR and she's playing a critical role in planning our 30 Day Challenge as she does all our wellness activities.Terry often orders a vegetable box from Ray Renn that's delivered right to ASHA. A few folks have mentioned that they're spending more on veggies and fruit now and I think you will find that this is a convenient way to get good quality produce at a reasonable price. Especially with the discounted rate Ray is offering ASHA staff during our Challenge. 

I just love the support we're getting from the community. Thank you!

The foundation for adopting and maintaining a Mediterranean diet lifestyle is the consumption of fresh vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.   If you’re an ASHA staff, one of the most convenient ways to receive fresh vegetables each week is by taking advantage of the Ray Renn vegetable delivery program.  The way that the program works is extremely simple and only requires that you request to be added to Ray Renn’s weekly email list.  The email is sent on Wednesdays and includes a list of the produce that will be included in the box for that week’s Thursday delivery.  You place your order by responding to the email and indicating what size box you’d like;  there is no obligation to purchase anything from week to week.  The three box sizes are:

NOTE:  Ray offered to discount the Baby Box for the duration of our 30 Day Challenge.  The cost will be $21 through April 11th. 

I order the Baby Box and there’s always enough for at least a couple of people. The box of veggies is delivered, usually by 1 p.m., on Thursdays to Mary at the front desk. 

This program was introduced to ASHA staff by a fellow co-worker who had heard good things about it from a friend who received their produce from Ray Renn. She arranged for ASHA to be added to the weekly delivery list.  Although ASHA, as an organization, hasn’t formally endorsed or marketed the veggie delivery service, the program has spread like wildfire just by word-of-mouth.  Imagine being on the elevator with someone who has just picked up their box of produce and inquiring where it came from…that’s pretty much what has happened here.  There are roughly 25 ASHA staff who receive the weekly email and, on average, 5 to 10 staff place orders each week.    

I don’t order every week but when I do, I’ve always been happy with my produce!  If you’re interested in being added to Ray Renn’s distribution list send an email to .        

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