Wednesday, August 8, 2012

There's an App for That! Business Productivity Apps for your iPad.

Reggie Henry, ASAE's Chief Information Officer, recently helped ASHA staff take our iPad usage to the next level. He said he uses an iPad for 95% of his work and introduced us to a variety of applications he relies on to get his job done. The perspective Reggie shared -- "I want people to work how they are most productive." 

Here are my notes (taken on Corkulous.)

The app I rely on most at work is still Note Taker HD. I also use Evernote on an almost daily basis. Of course, you need enough juice to do all this work on the move. I like my new Belkin surge protector. It spins around so you can charge multiple devices no matter what angle you find an outlet. And, when there isn't an outlet around, I rely on my iGo Green for a quick power boost. 

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