Thursday, November 10, 2011

Build Your Immunity Arsenal for Travel

Our organization holds an annual convention for 10,000+ members the week before Thanksgiving. About 100 staff travel to host the convention. We usually fly and then wind-up working 14 hours a day in a convention center. Inevitably, some of us get sick. It's usually just a cold, but it's no fun. I asked Dave Foreman if he had some tips for staying healthy when you travel. Dave's a pharmacist and a Naturopathic Doctor. We partnered with Dave on a heart health initiative earlier this year. This is what Dave shared with me.

Whether or not it is cold/flu season or you just don’t want to get sick, here are a few tips to support yourself naturally.
Avoid Sugar - (this includes other “white” foods like pasta, bread, cake, etc. and honey) I like to say that sugar/refined foods make your immune cells stupid. I read years ago that 7 teaspoons of sugar will decrease your immune function by 50% for up to 8 hours.  While you immune cells aren’t functioning properly, bacteria and viruses can wreak havoc on your body. Stay ahead of the game and avoid those refined foods.
Wash your hands - Goodness knows what all you have on your hands. I like grapefruit seed extract as my hand sanitizer.  If you want something more traditional, there are a few great choices at your local health food store.
Supplement - I use a supplement daily (Host Defense) to support my immune system. By using a support supplement, I can use it daily for months on end. Other products I like are: Advanced Immune Support (MD Select), Immune Support Formula (Weil Nutritional Formulas) and Immuneactive (Futurebiotics). Consult with a store health enthusiast to find the right formula for you.
Pay me later: You know the old saying, “pay me now or pay me later”. What if it is too late and you are now getting sick? Look for products that boost or stimulate your immune system into action. In my family, we use Esberitox (Enzymatic Therapy). Other great products such as; Seasonal Support (MD Select), Umcka Cold and Flu (Nature’s Way), Immuboost Blend Sp-21 (Solaray) and Wellness Formula (Source Naturals) along with a bunch more I can’t list can be found in the immune support section of your local health food store.

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