Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Benefits of Eating Seasonal & Local

The work of our Green Team often supports our wellness efforts. We all work in a wonderful Gold LEED Certified green building. Our indoor air quality is exceptional and free of pollutants and all our workspaces are ergonomically designed for the staff's comfort. The use of natural daylight is maximized and most staff enjoy unobstructed views of the outside. All things that are good for our bodies and souls.

Today our interests overlapped in a slightly different way. The Green Team helped us to plan a Lunch & Learn session on the benefits of eating seasonal and local. Cindy Mann presented the session. Cindy has talked with us before and the staff lover her. She's warm, entertaining and knowledgeable. Cindy is the founder and director of Boundless Wellness, but we know her through our partnership with LifeWork Strategies. Give Cindy 15 minutes and you'll be itching to go out and eat some kale. (See one of her kale recipes on slide #15.) Cindy mentioned that she really enjoyed Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I already have it downloaded to my Kindle.

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Anonymous said...

I've had the roasted beet salad (very similar recipe, with arugula et al) and it is so good - who knew I could like beets?! Thanks for posting the PPT, Janet - had to miss the lunch-n-learn today due to another meeting, so appreciate opportunity to 'see' the presentation. Makes me want to hit a local farmer's market - does anyone know of one near Burtonsville? Or has anyone tried the downtown Rockville one? Kelly V