Monday, March 22, 2010

Biggest Loser -- Our Second Team Challenge

Our Biggest Loser Teams completed their second Team Challenge. Again, there were lots of smiles and laughter and participation was better than for our first Team Challenge. We did have a few people asking us what the activities would be, but we decided to keep the specifics under raps much like the show. We did however let folks know that there would be a speed and agility challenge, a strength challenge, and a balance challenge much like last time. The activities were all things the participants could do dressed in their casual Friday attire and no one forgot their tennis shoes this time. Again, we declared first, second and third place with bragging rights being the prize.

True Athlete Performance planned and executed the event for us. Here are the descriptions of the challenges.
Hurdle Relay Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Speed, Agility, Quickness, Coordination

For the hurdle relay challenge, team members completed footwork drills through 6 small hurdles down and back before teammates would perform the same task. Total team times were recorded and then averaged in order to determine the overall winner. The drills included doubles and doubles to Hurdle Weave. In each of these drills, the goal is to keep your feet moving quickly while staying under control to make sure the drill is done correctly.

Abdominal Bridge Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Total Body Strength, Core Stability
For this challenge, partipants from each team all performed an abdominal bridge for as long as possible. The highest individual time for the team was recorded, and then team bonsues were added for benchmarks met by other members of the team in time. One of our most fit participants, Diane, actually held a bridge for 10 minutes and 15 seconds.

Balance Relay Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Balance, Coordination, Core Strength, Ankle/Knee Stability

This was probably the most difficult challenge of the three. The challenge began with each member of the team walking on to a piece of balance equipment. Each time a person fell, 1 second was added to the total challenge time. Once each team member was at a station, 5 medicine balls were passed from one end to the other. Once every medicine ball was moved to the other side, the time was recorded. The lowest time, with penalties added, was the winner.

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