Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sunscreen PSA


Terry, Nina, Emily and Janet at the Flower Show in 2010
In my yoga class on Saturday morning, Jafar took a moment to remind us all to use sunscreen. It's a message worth passing along this time of year. And, I thought I could up the ante by telling you about a new sunscreen my friend Lisa introduced me to last month.

CoTZ is a mineral based sunscreen that is free of chemical sunscreens, oils and fragrances. It actually feels powdery on my skin and has a nice matte finish. I like that it has a tint, so I can wear it in lieu of a base or tinted moisturizer. It blends very well with different skin tones. (It's not often we can find one skincare product that our whole team can use.) And, no, I don't have stock in the company or anything. I just like it enough that I want to share. I know you can get it on Amazon and at Ulta. 

Update 6/5/13:

Lisa just shared this on Facebook. She's spent years working for companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and she's very knowledgeable. I'm following her advice.
"I have read enough research and listened to enough medical experts to conclude that a vitamin C serum should be used every morning under sunscreen to help prevent damage caused by UV exposure. This infographic details how it works:"

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