Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mediterranean Challenge Results

30 Day Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge

We had 50 staff members formally participate in our Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge and 18 individuals participate in the pre and post screenings we offered. We looked at blood pressure, BMI, cholesterol and glucose. Cyndi Fales and Kellie Burkinshaw at LWS collected and analyzed the results and reported:  

The flow of risk is exactly what we want to see-- we had people move from 3-4 risk factors to 0-2 risk factors.  Cholesterol and glucose levels showed the most decrease in risk, body fat and blood pressure didn't show as much (if any change).  Overall I think for a 30 day challenge -- the results are heading in the right direction.
I'm really pleased. As much as I believe in following a Mediterranean diet, I wasn't sure that people would get very measurable results over 30 days. 

Our intent was to have people try a Mediterranean lifestyle for 30 days with the hope they would feel better, find it sustainable and want to continue. We're looking at what we can do to support staff and their families going forward. One of the challenges with a campaign style approach to some of our wellness initiatives is in sustaining support after the conclusion of the initiative. I think we're onto something good this time, so we're going to figure it out. Stay tuned!

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