Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stan's a New Man -- Interview with Stan Dublinske a Biggest Loser

What motivated you to lose weight?

My doctor said, “You’re going to die!”
My new motto -- Eat less! Exercise more!!!

How did you change your diet?

I began watching what I was eating. I paid attention to the portion size, ate fewer treats and more fruits and vegetables. Now I eat at least six small meals a day. I also started drinking a lot of water.

What is your exercise routine?

I take fitness classes at ASHA four mornings a week. In the afternoon, when the weather is nice, I walk home which takes 30 to 45 minutes. When it isn’t nice, I ride the stationary bike or use the treadmill in the exercise room for 30 to 45 minutes doing intervals. On weekends, I try to walk or take a hike at least one day. And, now it is golf weather! I try to play once a week.

How did ASHA’s Biggest Loser campaign help you?

The campaign helped motivate me to start taking fitness classes. The competition and my desire to win provided an incentive to keep me going. Being part of a group of 100 colleagues who also wanted to lose weight and exercise made it easier for me to participate in the activities offered. Now that I have had 12 weeks of eating less and exercising more, it has become a life style change that I feel I can sustain.

What positive changes have you experienced?
  • Reduced my waist line by 10 inches (5 during the 12 week Biggest Loser campaign)
  • Increased push-ups from 26 to 40
  • Increased sit-ups from 34 to 54
  • Increased flexibility from 10” to 15”
  • Decreased glucose from 129 to 62
  • Decreased total cholesterol from 125 to 108
  • Decreased triglycerides from 82 to 59
  • Decreased diabetes A1C score from 11 to 8
Have you met your goal?

I met my Biggest Loser goal of losing at least 1 lb a week. I hope to lose another 20 to 25 pounds and get my diabetes A1C score down to 7 or less. I have a doctor appointment in June to review my progress.

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