Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lesson from our Leading Man -- Learn how Steve White lost the Weight

What motivated you to lose weight?

I was getting more and more uncomfortable sitting because my spare tire was overinflated.

How did you change your diet?

I changed the way I eat in the evening. I try to control my portions at dinner by having two small helpings rather than returning for another plateful of food. I then eat smaller and more healthy snacks after dinner and drink water. I used to snack on American cheese.

What is your exercise routine?

I run/walk three times a week for 6 - 8 miles in the morning. I added strength training into my routine 3 times a week. I start with a 100 calorie trip on the elliptical machine to get warmed up and then I do pushups, crunches, curls, lat pull down, semi-chin ups, leg lifts and leg curls.

How did ASHA’s Biggest Loser campaign help you?

The program motivated me by giving me a mechanism for tracking my weight loss. However, the biggest thing was having a team for support and camaraderie.

What positive changes have you experienced?
  • Decrease in cholesterol
  • Increase in strength as indicated by the number of push-ups and sit-ups I can do in a minute
Have you met your goal?

Yes. I’m going to continue using the same evening eating strategies to keep the weight off.

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