Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Biggest Loser -- Final Biometric Results

We have some very compelling individual stories of weight loss and some of our Biggest Loser participants lowered their cholesterol more than 30% in just 12 weeks. (People were proudly showing me their individual reports.) The aggregate data is less exciting. For example, the average decrease in cholesterol was 8%.

Our Biggest Losers lost a total of 681 pounds -- an average of 7 pounds per participant. BMI decreased from an average of 29.2 to 28.1. Body Fat dropped from an average of 36.4% to 35%. Waist circumference decreased from an average of 35.6" to 34.8". (I've already blogged about my concerns about the realibility of this measure.) Blood pressure readings show some shifting around, but negligible improvement.

A few of our most successful participants (like Steve) have agreed to help me develop profiles that I'll share here as well as on our intranet. I hope they will tell the more meaningful story.

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