Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stocking Your Kitchen for Healthy Eating -- Guest Post by Deb Dixon

30 Day Mediterranean Lifestyle Challenge

Deb Dixon is ASHA's Director of School Services. She's an avid cook and a member of our Wellness Advisory Team. She agreed to share some tips on how we should restock our pantries for our challenge. Deb is also a Pittsburgh transplant and; therefore, obviously, a Steelers fan. I know that adds to her credibility a bit in many minds. 

I always find it interesting to watch the interviews that ask people, what is one thing that you always have in your pantry/refrigerator? Answers seem to range from beer and chips to yogurt and celery.  Stocking your refrigerator and pantry to support healthy living really is a good strategy.  I know I my house, one of us often stands in front of the cabinet or fridge saying, “ I’m hungry, what can I eat?”  If the first thing seen is cookies or cheese wiz, then that is what is likely to end up on the plate!  Stocking healthy items still allows you to satisfy that hunger but in a way that makes your cardio-vascular system smile!!

So what should your pantry include?
Oats, brown rice, quinoa
Whole grain pastas, breads and cereals
Almonds and other nuts
Dry or canned beans
Olive and canola  oil
Different types of vinegar and cooking wines
Green and black teas
Sweet potatoes
A variety of spices and herbs
Canned tuna
Canned tomatoes
Honey, brown sugar, agave syrup
Reduced sodium beef and chicken broth
Canned fruits (packed in their own juices)

In the refrigerator/freezer stock: 
Fresh Blueberries, strawberries , oranges, apples and fruits of all kinds
Spinach, broccoli and other fresh vegetables
Various kinds of leafy lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and other salad ingredients
Lean meats
Canola mayonnaise
Lowfat cheeses
Skim milk
Greek yogurt
Fresh basil, garlic, chives
Frozen vegetables and fruits

So head off to the store, and have fun stocking your favorite healthy foods! You can even consider adding red wine and dark chocolate to the list!! 

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Liz said...

Great list of ingredients! Double check the label on the canned items though. Sometimes you're not eating as healthy as you think. Here's a helpful link on food label terms. Those canned tomatoes may be high in sodium! Here's another great site too