Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pharmacy Benefits Transition from Medco to Optum RX

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Effective April 1, 2013, the administration of our pharmacy benefits will transition from Medco to OptumRx. OptumRX is UnitedHealth Group's in-house pharmacy benefit manager. You will soon receive a new health plan ID card in the mail with OptumRx information on it. Please continue to use your current card until April 1. You will still be able to access your prescriptions online through just like you do now and there will be no change to your benefit coverage or the cost of your prescriptions.

Retail: Up to 31 day supply
$10.00 Generic copay
$35.00 Brand-name copay
$60.00 Non-formulary copay

Mail Order: Up to 90 day supply
$20.00 Generic copay
$70.00 Brand-name copay
$120.00 Non-formulary copay

Most mail order prescriptions with remaining refills will automatically transfer to OptumRx.   However, prescriptions for certain controlled substances, like painkillers, will not transfer. If you have filled a prescription through Medco for a medication that will not transfer in the past four months, you will receive a letter naming the medication and alerting you that you will need a new prescription. Also, expired prescriptions and those with no more refills will require that you get a new prescription. 

After April 1, 2013 any NEW mail order prescriptions will need to be sent directly to Optum Rx.  Please keep in mind that new prescriptions take around 10 business days to process. 

We expect this change to be relatively seamless; however, we do recommend that you go ahead and refill any eligible prescription before the end of this month just so you have plenty of medication on hand.


Anonymous said...

OptumRX is a joke. Waiting for enrollment period to opt out of United Healthcare for this very reason. We should have a better choice for mail order...

Anonymous said...

Concur with the last post. WHAT A JOKE!!!!
Delivery and ordering a nightmare.
"Price your Drug" - that is the biggest joke. Priced the drug and showed 232.00 and then called and ordered and was charged 162.70. They could not tell me why the price difference. I think we are being overcharged for drugs.