Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our New Weight Loss Program

We are kicking off a new weight loss program for staff members who have a desire to lose 30 or more pounds. The approach is highly individualize and will focus on improving nutrition and increasing activity  This program will be very different than our previous weight loss campaigns with frequent one-on-one consultations with a nutritionist and occasional group activities. There will be no teams and no competition involved.

Interested staff contacted our partner, LifeWork Strategies, and Cyndi Fales interviewed everyone who was interested. She assessed a number of things like the support candidates had at home, health conditions that might be improved by weight loss, readiness to change, and what worked and didn't in their past attempts at weight loss. 32 staff members expressed an interest in the program and 12 people were selected to participate.

Each participant has a one hour, one-on-one meeting scheduled with the nutritionist that we're working with, Ellen Slotkin, RD. We've provided each of the participants with a copy of Volumetrics and Ellen will be using the book as she works with people individually.

United Healthcare provided us with Fitbits to give to the participants. We're going to let everyone get started with changes to their diets since that has the biggest impact on weight loss and then we'll get them set up with the Fitbits.

We're making a long term commitment to the folks in this program. We have a plan for the next 12 weeks or so and will be relying on feedback from the participants to figure out what comes next.


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