Thursday, August 11, 2011

The winner of the trip to St. Thomas is… Loretta Nunez!

Loretta’s goal was to integrate physical, spiritual and mindfulness practices to improve her physical fitness and lose 15 pounds by July 15.

Our external panel of experts said they chose Loretta’s entry because she was focused on a specific task and she truly documented that she had achieved her goal. It was clear that a large amount of effort was put into her journey and her journal. They felt her journal was a true testament to the reasoning behind wellness programs. They also loved that her husband lost weight during her journey. Loretta and her husband were both able to eliminate the need for prescription medications and they both lost inches, dropped one size in clothing, and improved their energy and quality of life. Loretta chose a goal, she stuck with it, she achieved it, and she documented her journey in a very creative manner.

A huge thank you to our panel of external judges for donating their time and expertise.
  • Mark Sager, our insurance broker with Alliant and the donator of this fabulous trip.
  • Cyndi Fales, our point person at LifeWork Strategies and coordinator of the review panel
  • Sue Heitmuler, MA, Health Ministries at Adventist Health Care
  • Cindy Mann, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Counselor
  • Christina Sweeney, Personal Trainer
  • Debra Weinstein, EAP Counselor at LifeWork Strategies
And, many thanks to Mike Cannon for treating us all to delicious smoothies with his Vitamix. Be sure check out his blog

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