Tuesday, August 2, 2011

St. Thomas Entries -- Food Fights, a revolutionary journey of weight loss and fitness & the Dabbler

Three more wellness journeys from our St. Thomas program.
  • Food Fights -- This colleague took our first book club book, Food Rules, and used it and our wellness coaching as a jumping off point to improve how her family eats. You'll enjoy her journey and her daughter's request for more quinoa. 
  • Another colleague turned in a truly lovely scrapbook chronicling her successful journey to to integrate physical, spiritual and mindfulness practices to improve her physical fitness and lose 15 pounds. She actually lost 18 pounds, eliminated medications, dropped a dress size and is enjoying riding her new bicycle. She also reported a collateral benefit -- her husband lost 25 pounds. One of many resources she used was 40 Days to Personal Revolution by Baron Baptiste.
  • The Dabbler -- One colleague reflected back on her days as a Girl Scout and earning the dabbler badge. When she was young, she enjoyed experimenting with various aspects of art and culture and tried to recreate that experience as her journey. She explored painting, sketching and playing the piano again. She said the experience has brought her a soundness of mind that she was missing and she intends to make it a never-ending journey. 
Thanks again to our very generous and supportive insurance broker, Mark Sager, for giving us the trip to use as a prize for our wellness program.

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