Thursday, August 9, 2012

Would Naked Fridays Complement our Wellness Program?

Naked Friday at Onebestway
Image: Tengri News via 
According to this article a colleague just shared with me -- World's Weirdest Offices -- Onebestway improved teamwork by having everyone work naked on Fridays. I cringed, laughed, started to forward it on to a friend with a snarky comment and then paused. Would knowing your coworkers will see you naked serve as an incentive for us all to take better care of ourselves and complement our wellness program? It would certainly keep me out of the office candy jar. 

Ok, I'm not really serious about working naked, but how about mandatory beach volleyball?


Anonymous said...

But what if people were too dazzled by my rippling musculature?

Anonymous said...

I would suspect that if "naked Fridays" became a reality, demand for penis implants would skyrocket.

Anonymous said...

A little research reveals that this company did this in 2009 as a pilot for a reality TV show. Would like to know if "naked Friday" was genuinely for real, and if so, are they still doing it three years' hence?