Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Wellness Program Goals

Last month, I posted a draft of our wellness program goals and asked for feedback. Our Wellness Advisory Team and members of the CoHealth Workplace Wellness Community were particularly generous with their time and provided valuable feedback. I've incorporated what I learned below.

  1. Reduce the overall percentage of drug costs to treat health conditions that can be reversed through non-pharmaceutical means. 
  2. Increase the number of staff and their family members completing preventive screenings recommended in Healthy People 2020.
  3. Support staff in their efforts to quit smoking and lose weight.  
  4. Reduce sick days taken by staff. 
  5. Help ASHA staff to be health-conscious consumers. 
  6. Make active living an easier path for ASHA employees. 
  7. Enhance the sense of camaraderie and teamwork among ASHA staff. 
Subject to change as we continue to learn, of course. We're now focusing on our measures and identifying evidence-based behavioral solutions that have been shown to work long-term. 

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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