Friday, July 22, 2011

St. Thomas Entries -- Rediscovering the love of sports & There's a hole inside of me

I'm enjoying the diversity of the entries in our St. Thomas program and have permission to share these with you. 
  • One of my colleagues was an athlete growing up, but became a spectator as a mom. Her goal was to rediscover her love of sports and to have more fun. She tried tennis, golf, stand up paddling and trapeze. Next on her list is fencing. Check out this impressive stunt...

  • There's a hole inside of me -- Another colleague used this song to capture the intent of her journey to use creative expression rather than food to fulfill herself. You'll enjoy her blog. She's embarked on what she thinks might be a life-long journey.
Stay tuned... We plan to announce the winner the week of August 7th.

Thanks again to our very generous and supportive insurance broker, Mark Sager, for giving us the trip to use as a prize for our wellness program. 

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