Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LOST the Final Chapter

Last week, we concluded the 12 week weight loss program we called Lost. Here are the highlights.

Last year, we had an abundance of enthusiasm and engagement. We never captured that same feeling this year. I talked about some of the things we'd do differently in an earlier post. Although we did not have the success we had last year, there are a few individual stories that will motivate me to try again. Here's one...
I just want both of you to know how pleased I am with the Lost at ASHA program and the wellness coach.  I’ve only had one session with my coach and already I have 3 tangible goals and am very psyched to do well so every week when I check in with her I will be showing progress.  I also want to share with you that as a result of the Lost program, I had a significant drop in my glucose levels and my endocrinologist is giving me another 3 months to get the glucose levels down to where they need to be – and NOT start me on insulin yet.  I sure hope this isn’t TMI – but I want you to know that your work is having a very positive affect on my health and I just want to thank you.

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