Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Did our Biggest Losers keep the weight off?

We just completed the intake process for the weight loss program we're kicking off -- Lost @ASHA. I asked Lifework Strategies to compare the current weights of the people who participated in the Biggest Loser program we ran one year ago with their starting and ending weights in that program. I figured this would give us a good idea if people kept the weight off. We had 95 participants complete the Biggest Loser program. 37 of those individuals joined our current weight loss program. Hopefully many of the others reached their weight loss goal. Here's is what we learned from the 37 individuals that are participating again. 

Since the close of the Biggest Loser program:
  • There was a cumulative weight GAIN of 219.6 lbs. An average of nearly 6 lbs per person.
  • 6 individuals have lost weight (16.2%)
  • 12 individuals have gained 0-5 lbs (32.5%)
  • 10 individuals have gained 5-10 lbs (27.0%)
  • 9 individuals have gained more than 10 lbs (24.3%)
When Lifework Strategies compared the initial Biggest Loser weights to the current weights, they found the following:
  • There has been a cumulative weight LOSS of 39.7 lbs. An average of about 1 lb per person.
  • 18 individuals have lost weight (49%)
  • 13 individuals has gained 0-5 lbs (35%)
  • 6 individuals has gained more than 5 lbs (16%)

We are looking for new ways to help employees maintain their weight loss and continue their progress until they reach their desired weight. Last year, we thought we could transition people from the Biggest Loser to our Biggest Mover program, but we found that most of the people interested in weight loss were not interested in exercise and tracking their activity. (I guess that's not shocking.) This year we'll try a different approach. Please pass along your suggestions.

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