Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We're Kicking off our 2nd annual weight management program. Staff can sign up through January 7, 2011. Our Wellness Advisory Team put together this flier announcing the program. (Thanks Melanie!)

Hopefully we'll be able to help people make some changes that will improve their health over the long term, but even if we just help folks knock off the extra pounds they gained over the holidays it's worthwhile. Those pounds compounded from year to year can really add up.

Today Terry is working on developing charts to track each team's weight loss. We're using what they do on Thintervention as a model. So, we'll be recording pounds lost each week instead of weight like we did last year during our Biggest Loser program.

I'm looking forward to seeing if participation is as high as it was in our Biggest Loser program last year.

Lost Flier

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