Thursday, April 15, 2010

Biggest Loser -- The Final Team Challenge

Our Biggest Loser participants completed their final Team Challenge on a sunny Friday afternoon. True Athlete Performance planned and executed the event for us. Here are the descriptions of the challenges.

Team Broad Jump Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Total Body Power, Strength, Speed

For this challenge, team members collectively broad jumped for a total of 100 feet. A broad jump is a 2-foot jump from a stand-still position. Once one participant landed, the next teammate would jump from that spot. This continued until the team collectively jumped past the 100 foot mark, staying in the same jumping order throughout.

Wall Sit Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Lower Body Strength, Core Stability

For this challenge, partipants from each team all performed a wall sit for as long as possible, keeping their legs at a 90 degree angle and their backs flat against the wall. During this collective wall sit, 3 separate 25 pound plates had to stay off the ground. So, once only one person remained, they held all 3 plates to finish the event. The highest individual time for the team was recorded, and then team bonsues were added for benchmarks met by other members of the team in time.

Balance Relay Challenge:

Fitness Components Tested: Balance, Coordination, Core Strength, Ankle/Knee Stability

This challenge involved every team member walking along a path of balance domes. Team members had to cross to the other side one at a time, and had to start over if they fell at any time. All participants could receive assistance except for the last person in the room. The team with the lowest total time won this event.

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