Thursday, December 6, 2012

Impact of Pricing on Fitness Class Participation

We're always listening to feedback from staff and adjusting our wellness program offerings. In my last post, I talked about a new pricing model we are trying this session. (Sessions run 12 weeks.) Some staff had asked for more flexible options, so we introduced an "all access pass" for only $50 a month. We hoped to attract more staff to participate and simplify the administrative process bit.

We only had a few more staff sign-up for classes, but the average number of classes participants take went from 1.83 to 2.67. If we could just maintain the level of engagement participants have, but get the number of participants back up to where it was last March, I'd be thrilled. 

Your suggestions will be welcome.


Bethany said...

All Access passes are a good idea. We typically run classes in shorter sessions than 12 weeks (6-8 weeks). We also use session passes as give-aways/prizes for other program completion. We've held demo-weeks to invite newbies to participate, and we try to always keep an entry level/beginner format on the schedule as an entry point for those who aren't sure about getting started with classes. The classes are always part of the required orientation to the fitness center, so everyone who joins finds out about what's available. Keep up the great work!

jmcnichol said...

Thanks for sharing! I think the shorter sessions do attract more people. We just couldn't manage it administratively. Like the idea of using session passes as incentives. I'll have to borrow that.