Friday, June 24, 2011

UnitedHealthcare's Customer Forum

I had the good fortune to attend UnitedHealthcare's (UHC) customer forum this week. UHC invited representatives from approximately 100 employers to attend a two day program in Minneapolis. We were grouped by region, so I spent time with other people from the mid-atlantic. It was a nice opportunity to connect with HR folks from other employers that use UHC. And, I have to say that the experience made me feel great about choosing UHC. I talked about the selection process in a previous post. I was told UHC had identified ASHA as a "key account." (Seriously, we're a great place to work and all, but I was a bit skeptical about what that could mean to us.) Well, they really put their money where their mouth was by inviting me to the customer forum. It was a great learning experience and a great networking experience.

The first day we heard the following presentations:
  • Focused Agenda and Vision for UnitedHealthcare: Gail Boudreaux, Chief Executive Officer, UnitedHealthcare and Executive Vice President, UnitedHealth Group
  • Innovation: Unlocking the Future of Healthcare: Karen Piacentini
  • Network payment strategies of the Future: Lisa McDonnel, Regional Vice President Network Management
  • Employee Education and Engagement Tools: Diane Slayton, Vice President Member Acquisition & Retention Marketing
  • Leveraging the Power of Analytics to Maximize the Health of your Employees and your Business: Craig Kurtzweil, Assistant Vice President, Health Analytics
  • Healthcare in America: Dr. Reed Tuckson, Executive Vice President and Chief of Medical Affairs (Everyone in America would want UHC to be their healthcare provider if they heard Dr. Tuckson speak.)
The agenda on the second day had us downtown Minneapolis as well as at UHC's National Operations Center.
  • Health Care Lane: Walk through a life-size replica of the website that helps educate individuals on the basics of health care.
  • Optum eSync: Learn how our data and unique approach allows us to talk a holistic approach to patient care.
  • National Operations Center: Monitor how UnitedHealthcare Operations are prepared to service you in any situation. (I didn't know a call center could be so cool.)
  • Innovation Showcase: Experience a few of the tools that helped UnitedHealthcare earn the top ranking on FORTUNE Magazine's Most Admired List for Innovation in health insurance and managed care.
My head is still spinning from everything that I learned. I have 13 pages of notes and a 16 item "to do" list. I expect this will all come together in multiple blog posts and communications to the ASHA staff, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to Matt Kurtz, Eugenia Perna, Linda Crandall, Rich Perrier, Chris Mullins, Seung Baick and all the folks at UHC who put the customer forum together. You've made me feel confident in our selection of UHC.

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